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Antony Syndicate is owned and operated by Mark Guest, an experienced Chartered Accountant and business advisor.  Mark is a registered Tax Agent (No.  78992001), a registered Public Chartered Accountant, (No. 83654) and a registered ASIC Agent (No. 12738).  He completed an Economics degree at the University of Sydney majoring in Taxation Law, Accountancy, Economics and Government Studies.

Antony Syndicate has extensive corporate, government and international accounting and consulting experience.  Utilising a team of qualified accountants and consultants, Antony Syndicate can address the financial needs of your Business.  Our team has experience in all aspects of Australian business.  We focus on the provision of accountancy, tax, business advice and consulting services to Australian businesses, property owners and superannuation funds.  Antony Syndicate are experienced business advisors, and operators, with a proven track record.  Our philosophy is to make our clients successful, this being the best way to ensure an ongoing and profitable relationship.

All our assignments and work is subject to a qualified quality control review process.  The reviewer acts as the project or job facilitator.  The facilitation role is to ensure that the subject matter expert undertaking your assignment understands your culture, and is under no misunderstandings as to the quality of the service and the results that need to be achieved.

Many of our clients are, or have become, successful business people.  Our clients rely on our Firm to ensure that they are financially protected and are kept up to date with the information they require to grow or secure their wealth.

  • Corporate, Trust and Business Structures;
  • Investment, Finance and Funding;
  • Treasury and Financial Control;
  • Electricity, Hydro and Solar Energy;
  • Manufacturing and Distribution;
  • Civil Construction;
  • Mining;
  • Professional Services;
  • Expert Opinions related to legal dispute;
  • Primary Production;
  • Superannuation (establishment, administration and independent audit);
  • Commercial and Residential Property;
  • Retail;
  • Wealth Security;
  • Not-For-Profit Organisations (establishment, administration and independent audit);
  • Government;
  • Incorporated Associations; and
  • Estate Planning and Administration.

Antony Syndicate currently assists a number of successful organisations and we control the treasury operations of a number of significant corporations.

References are available on request.