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Bitcoin Tax Advice

Bitcoin & Crypto Currency Tax Advisors Sydney

The new age of crypto currency is as exciting as it can be complex.  In layman’s terms, crypto currency is simply a virtual currency system, stored in digital wallets and accessed using an app.  No banks.  No physical money.  Bitcoin is the original and most popular form of crypto currency.  It’s the way of the future, but how much do you really understand about it? Do you know how your Bitcoin transactions are taxed? Do you know how to accurately report your earnings? Did you know that for some Bitcoin holders there is no tax.  Even for massive capital gains.  Don’t leave it up to chance come tax time and face unforeseen penalties.  Choosing the right tax advisor is vital for the financial health of your personal portfolio or business.  Luckily, Antony Syndicate’s expert team in Sydney are here to help.

New To Crypto Currency?

If your interest has been piqued by the crypto currency craze, whether to use as a currency to send or receive funds, pay for services or as a long term investment strategy, getting expert advice up front is important.  The good news for Bitcoin enthusiasts is that Australia is one of the best crypto currency tax jurisdictions in the world, so now’s a good time to get educated on what it is all about.  If you are thinking of investing or trading, in a crypto currency, you best use an accountant who knows the ins and outs of the crypto currency system and can advise you properly.  The team at Antony Syndicate provide trustworthy Bitcoin tax advice for clients large and small.  Before you take the next step, consult with us to ensure you are aware of the pros and cons of the virtual currency market.

Tax Implications of Crypto Currency

We’ve kept our finger on the pulse of the crypto currency sector since its inception and we have gained years of experience dealing with the positive and negative tax implications of Bitcoin.

For expert advice and tax services in Sydney specific to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, please call Antony Syndicate today on 02 9648 6880.