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Wealthy Women Services

Wealthy Women Services

Antony Syndicate has a dedicated division in our Firm that focuses on the needs of our independent female clients – or those wishing they had been financially independent in their past. Essentially accountancy for rich ladies or those wanting to be so.

We say it is simply a fact of life that smart women have the option to leverage their talents and personality to become successful in business, and or to achieve great relationships. That it is always prudent to avoid allowing others to take financial advantage of you.

All businesswomen, (and men!) need a great accountant. A person they can trust, who will maintain privacy, and one that will be there first and foremost, to protect their financial interests.

Perhaps you need financial protection or financial structure guidance in a new or existing relationship.

Other times you might require a forensic accountant to investigate fraud in your business or personal life.

We can provide full-service accounting, tax agent, and business advisory services. Or simply be there from time to time to review financial documents and agreements that you need accounting advice about.

If you need a reliable, smart, and private business adviser, then contact Antony Syndicate soon.